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EveĀ is a Sex Advice Columnist and professionally trained communicator with over 25 years experience. She is dedicated to helping couples achieve healthy, happy, sexually satisfying relationships through effective communication, education and sexploration. She is the founder of Club Eden – A Fantasy Club for Couples, a past featured television “Sexpert”, columnist, seminar presenter and co-host of Sex Without Borders You Tube Channel.

Through her column Sex Without Borders, Eve pushes the boundaries by covering the spicier side of sex, but in a way that’s relatable, readable, and maybe even…considerable.


  • Here’s an idea for your readers. It requires some open-mindedness, but can be very fun!

    My favorite foreplay is one that gets my partner completely engaged in it. I have found the ultimate way to do this. It can last for hours, days even have gone a week before… You say “WHAT, foreplay for a week?” Yes… it’s called male orgasm denial and involves the use of a “male chastity device”. The funny thing is men seem to love it–that is to occasionally turn all power over to his wife/GF. If you want to make your man absolutely attentive to your needs, try this out. See more what I’m talking about at http://www.bnd2plz.com


    • Hey Sydney. I couldn’t agree more. Orgasm control is one of my very favorite forms of foreplay. And the use of chastity devices, spreader bars, and remote controlled “insertables” are some of the most fun foreplay devices around. I picked up the “bon-4” chastity device last year to torment my playmates with for hours, days and even weeks. The longer they hold out, the more intense and pleasurable the orgasm.
      Thanks for sharing Sydney.