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Canada Sets Legal Precedent on Stealthing

An Ontario Court has ruled that a man who had unprotected sex after agreeing to wear a condom committed sexual assault because his behaviour invalidated his sexual partner’s consent.

This is a win for Canada and a win for consent culture!

Read the full article by CBC here.

Canada to Erase Convictions for Sexual Activity with Same-Sex Partner under historical law

This makes me so proud to be Canadian…Gushing!

Read full article here…


Victoria is once again Canada’s mo

Victoria is once again Canada’s most romantic city, and perhaps its kinkiest via @sharethis

Caught With Your Pants Down

Flare Magazine…you have been caught with your pants down and I like it.

While waiting to see my hairstylist, I spotted your February, 2016 edition of Flare Magazine boldly advertising “The LOVE & SEX ISSUE”.  Out of bored curiosity, I flipped to page 84 expecting to find typical stories like “What to buy your lover for Valentine’s”, or “How to turn up the heat this Valentine’s with chocolate, satin sheets and erotic massage”.

Instead, you had your eyes wide open covering 50 shades of SEX with stories about pegging (girls with strap-ons doing boys), cock and ball torture, and “Diary of a Poly Girl – a week in the life of my three-way relationship”.

One of your readers, soon to be ex I’m guessing, commented on your “pegging perversion” citing “Again, disgusting material.  I bet he goes gay after he finds out how good pegging feels…”.   Well Melanie, if you don’t like it, don’t read it?  And if you prefer to limit your intimate encounters to strictly bedroom basics then I say…whatever floats your boat.  But for those of us that wish to move beyond the missionary, what gives you the right to judge?

Flare Magazine, I applaud you for having the courage to publish articles on sexuality that most are too uncomfortable to talk about.  Proof that we are entering an era of acceptance and tolerance where piano legs no longer need to be covered, we can serve chicken legs to our dinner guests and yes, women do actually like sex.

Thank you flare magazine!

And to my readers…please support Flare Magazine’s style by reading some of these articles…

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Vajazzle – the latest trend in “body bling” for the naughty bits

What the heck is a “Vajazzle” you ask?  That’s the exact question that came out of my mouth just this morning when a friend sent me an email telling me I just had to look it up.

Vajazzle is the art of blinging out your vajayjay with bedazzling jewels.  It’s the latest trend hitting the celebrity waves…well actually, lack there of considering all the “waves” are removed first.     It’s a simple procedure that involves first waxing all hair from the pubic area, and then applying swarovsky crystals with a strong adhesive that’s invisible to the naked eye.  According to Jennifer Love Hewitt, she described this bizarre new trend saying “it looks like a disco ball down there”.

For the play by play, check out this great article by “The Luxury Spot” with Pictures included.

So now that I know what it is, this begs the question…will I Vajazzle?

Hell yeah!  Anything that makes a woman feel pretty, feminine and sexy is a good thing in my books.  It adds self confidence which helps turn up the heat in the bedroom and beyond.  And in my world, it makes for great conversation 🙂 .

At under $100 it’s the perfect gift to self or for friends on special occasions and makes for great bling on your next adult only/nudist vacation.  If you’re looking for a place in Vancouver to Vajazzle, check out Sugarbox.

Have fun and live life.  Vajazzling is definitely one for the bucket list.

Olympics and Sex

Athletes at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver are going to have a lot of sex. So much, in fact, health officials in the city are providing 100,000 free condoms, almost 15 per athlete.

The Olympics create the perfect storm for sex: young, fit, attractive athletes looking for a good time after months and years of preparation for the big event, all put together in one place for two weeks.

Read Full Story Here

The Exotic Erotic Ball adds a Whole Lotta Spice

If you’re looking to add a little sugar and a LOT of spice this Halloween, look no further than Perry Mann’s 30th annual Exotic Erotic Ball taking place at Cow Place in San Francisco October 23-24. 2009.

“It’s part Mardi Gras, part burlesque, and part rock concert, yet totally unique. The Exotic Erotic Ball is a celebration of human sexuality and freedom of expression. It’s a lingerie, fetish, masquerade affair.”

This weekend long extravaganza will feature some of North America’s most unique, alternative entertainers from go go dancers and burlesque acts to snake charmers, “shaving shows”, nympho twins and penis painters.

And for those looking to be the show rather than watch the show, be sure to RSVP for the Exotic Erotic Ball Official After Party where you might just be lucky enough to hob knob with some of the world’s most exotic models, porn stars, musicians, DJs and celebrities.

Tickets are a steal at only $59 for general admission and $125 for VIP tickets.  And if you book your flights through Allegiant Air, you might just be able to pull off this entire exotic weekend getaway for under $1000.00/couple.  Not a bad price for a little sugar and a LOT of spice…not to mention one hell of a sexy weekend adventure for two.

For more information and tickets, visit:

An “orgasm a day” campaign directed at teens is a slippery slope

“An Orgasm a Day”  campaign promoted by the National Health Service of Britain is a great concept for adults, but a campaign directed at teenagers is a slippery slope.  Read full article and all the controversial comments here.

Top 10 Sexual Mistakes Made by Women

At the risk of ruffling some feathers, I felt it was time to do a follow up article to “Top 10 sexual mistakes made by men”. However, this time we focus on the most common sexual blunders and faux pas made by women. Remember that it takes two to tango.  Communication, trust and sexual variety between partners are always the best ways to avert animosities in the bedroom.

The following is a Top 10 list of things for women to avoid when it comes to sex:

Click here to read entire article from original source.

Marriage advice from Seinfeld???

Jerry Seinfeld is reteaming with NBC for a reality show called “The Marriage Ref,” which will feature celebs, athletes and comedians giving advice to bickering married couples.  Not sure about the advice, but the show is sure to have all the key elements including plenty of drama.  If you’d like to be considered for the casting call, visit for all the details…and good luck!

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