How Men Get More Action…

According to the Great Canadian Sex Survey, men want more action in the bedroom, but they’re not willing to do anything to get it.   Only 25% of Canadian men are willing to do housework or sit through a chick flick if it means guaranteeing a night of passion with their partners.    And, only 9% said they would be willing to buy her a gift.
Guys…I’m going to let you in on a little secret….men are visually stimulated which means they could sit down with a  “Victoria Secret” catalogue for five minutes and they’re good to go.  Women on the other hand, are emotionally stimulated so their passion meter goes up 10-fold when their partners pamper them, take care of them or shower them with kisses and compliments.

All too often, I hear men say they feel they shouldn’t have to do the “little extras” to get more action.  And better yet, they’re convinced that women use sex as a form of bribery to get what they want.  Contrary to popular belief, women do not generally use sex as a leverage tool.  For women, having their partner take out the garbage, do dishes, or shower them with compliments is actually FOREPLAY.  It’s their equivalent to flipping through the pages of a “Victoria Secret” catalogue.
Trust me, most women don’t consciously make a point of holding out on their partners in the bedroom because they didn’t wash dishes with us. But they do tend to get a little more frisky when they do.   And, it all happens at a subconscious level.   A man sees an attractive woman, he get’s turned on.  A woman gets a compliment, or a little extra help in the kitchen, she gets turned on.  Yes, I know it’s one of those cruel jokes of “divine creation or evolution” (depending on your beliefs), but it’s just the way we’re built.

So men, next time your partner asks you to help with the dishes after dinner, spend the five minutes “revving her engines”.   It’s fun foreplay and a great investment in your sex life .  And, like all great investments, it may start off a little slow, but before you know it, you’ve doubled your money and maybe even hit the sexy jackpot!

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