The Perfect X-mas Gift for your Sexy Sweetie…

Yes, we know you just recovered from the Halloween chaos, and it seems so early to be talking about X-mas.  But let’s face it…every year at this time, it seems like it’s so far away…and then BAM!  Before you know it, the clock has run out and once again, you find yourself fighting through the holiday crowds trying to find your sweetie that perfect X-mas gift.

So here’s an idea that will jingle their bells and is sure to be received better than a new kitchen appliance or power tool…A Fantasy Photoshoot.  A Fantasy photo shoot is a must have for every couple.  It’s your chance to surprise your sweetie with something sexy and memorable that if done well, will be cherished for years to come.

But, to really wow your lover, and get the best images for your Fantasy Photoshoot, you MUST PLAN AHEAD.  Before selecting a photographer, search the internet for erotic images that inspire you, poses you love, and most importantly, themes that reflect your partners fantasy.

2-4 weeks in advance, contact a few photographers to get quotes and to view a few samples of their erotic photography work.  Send them the inspirational images that you selected earlier and make sure they are comfortable recreating them.  Choose your photographer based on a combination of factors that include budget/price, photographic style, and rapport/comfort level.  Your comfort level is probably the most important factor – after all, if you’re not comfortable with the photographer it will show up in your photos, and the price won’t matter if you’re not happy with the end result.

A few days before the shoot, get your hair cut/colored (if applicable).  Then head to some of your favorite shops in search of sexy outfits and accessories like wigs, paddles, handcuffs, rose petals, chocolates, uniforms, cowboy hats or whatever you need to recreate your Partners Fantasy on Film.  And if you want to shoot some pictures that are a little bit more risque, consider asking/inviting a trusted friend to join you in the shoot.  After all, a crop shot of two ladies in black and white with luscious shiny red lips touching can be a very erotic picture that could knock your partners socks off.   Just be sure to have the proper agreements in place to give them confidence that their picture doesn’t end up in the wrong hands without permission.  Alternatively, you could have them wear a sexy mask, or ask the photographer for suggestions on how they can pose without showing their face on film while still contributing to the shot.

On the day of the shoot, engage in a little bit of self pampering to help relax you beforehand.  Take a bath, paint your nails, get a massage…whatever works for you to get yourself ready.  Just don’t show up to the shoot in a state of panic or chaos as this will reflect on film.

During the shoot, ask the photographer for directions on how to pose.   Have your pre-researched pictures on hand for inspirational reminders.  Touch up your make-up and check your outfits often.  And, maybe even ask the photographer if you can view the first few pictures digitally as that will help you to get an idea of how you look on camera so you can make adjustments during the shoot.  And make sure you get a least a couple of artsy/erotic shots where your face and any other distinguishing marks, are not identifiable.    These photos will make for great wall art on display in your own home but are discreet enough to construed as “erotic art” unbeknownst to friends and family…your naughty little secret.

2-10 days following the shoot, your pictures should be ready for pick-up or final selection/viewing from the photographer.  The photographer typically does a bit of editing beforehand so that you can focus on selecting from only the best pictures. Choose your favorites and have them all wrapped up to present to your lover in a shiny wrapped package on X-mas morning.   All that’s left to do is enjoy their reaction!

Happy shooting.  Eve.

For all your Fantasy Photoshoot needs, consider Era Photograpy.  Petra and Brad have been working together in artisitc/erotic photography and videography for over ten years both professionally, and personally.  Brad has been involved in shooting and editing erotica since 1997 where he got his training through an all purpose Adult Production company based out of Japan. Petra has been has been a professional model for six years posing for artistic nudes and fashion.  Combined, they make a power house team in the world of Erotic Arts and have combined their talents and experience to form Studio-Era – Eden’s new Erotic Photography Partner.  They offer a variety of Fantasy Photo Packages ranging in price from $150 – $600.    They can be reached via their website at, or via email at

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