Valentines Recipe #2: An Easy Breezy Night of Flirty, Fun Games

This recipe for love is perfect for time starved lovers who just want to celebrate Valentines with a little laughter, a lot of love, and a whole night of getting to know each other better with some pressure free fun.

•    Valentines Card/Invitation with instructions
•    A bottle of your favorite red or white champagne, or other favorite beverage.
•    A great cozy blanket and fluffy pillows laid out on the floor in front of the fire.
•    A selection of your favorite tunes for chillin’  (I recommend some eclectic acid jazz or bluenotes)
•    Lots of candles.
•    A pair of your favorite boxers for him
•    A set of fun, flirty lounge pjs for her (perhaps a pair of boy shorts and tank top)
•    A phone and yellow pages (to place an order from your favorite take-out joint)
•    A selection of fun and flirty games: Syncrohearts, Poker for lovers, Naughty dice
•    A selection of fun accessories: Whip cream, Satin blindfold, Feather Body tickler