Valentines Recipe #3: A Chocoholics Dream

Think Chocoholics Buffet, fondues, indulgence, decadence, chocolate body painting and more.   This recipe will include recommendations for best chocolate buffets and chocolate shops as well as suggestions on creating a romantic “do it yourself” chocolate fondue.  Of course you can’t use just any chocolate…I do have some favorites to suggest …yumm!

•    Valentines Card/Invitation with instructions
•    Display table
•    Red satin fabric
•    Confetti/candy hearts
•    3-5 lit candles placed in a safe location
•    Chocolate Fondue or fountain:
o    1 small chocolate fondue or fountain (pick this up from London Drugs or the Bay)
o    3 tealight candles
o    Delicious callebaut chocolate from belgium (be sure to ask how much chocolate to buy depending on the size of your fondue or fountain.
o    An assortment of berries and tropical fruit (strawberries, banana, pineapple, kiwi, starfruit, passion fruit)
o    An assortment of delicious dippable treats (graham crackers, marshmallows, reeses peanut butter cups, grapes, orange)
•    Blindfold (sleep mask, piece of fabric)
•    Satin ties (satin ties from robe, pantyhose, ribbon from craft store)
•    Three whole roses in black window box
•    Small box of chocolate covered strawberries (Hand dipped and available at Charlie’s chocolate factory)
•    1 can of whip cream (on ice if possible)
•    2 – 4 new paint brushes for chocolate body painting (also available from Charlie’s Chocolate Factory)
•    One large tray nicely “piled” with your dippables.  You can even use a cool mirror here for effect.  Think “cornucopia” here.  You want it to look bountiful.

* Alternatively, you could start out at the “chocoholics buffet” at the Sutton Place Hotel, but get there extra early as it’s sure to be a sell out.

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