Valentines Recipe #4: Sweet Sensations, the Ultimate Aphrodisiac

This date focuses on great sensual products/ideas to treat your partner to an evening of pampering.  Think massage oils, soy candles, honey dust and of course champagne and strawberries.  You can find almost everything you need for this fantasy at the naughty shops down on Davie street (Davie and Burrard), Honey Gifts or the Art of Loving.

•    Valentines Card/Invitation with instructions
•    Display table
•    Red satin fabric
•    Confetti/candy hearts
•    A new piece of lingerie for her, or new satin boxers for both of you.
•    Bubble bath
•    Bottle of champagne with 2 glasses
•    Small candles or tealights for around the tub (don’t forget the matches)
•    1 Vanilla soy massage candle (sunset mountain) (honey gifts | $15)
•    1 blindfold – babooshka silk blindfold (honey gifts | $59.99)(satin – $9.99)
•    1 set of silk restraints – babooshka silk restraints (honey gifts $59.99)
•    Small bag of rose pedals (alternatively, you can guy “a bed of roses” (honey gifts | 24.99)
•    Relaxation or fengshui CD playing in the background.  Alternatively, you can purchase the exotica love berry CD (honey gifts | 24.99)
•    A selection of sensory goodies to run across your partners body
o    Small bowl of ice cubes
o    Wooden skewers (lightly trail)
o    One large body feather or feather duster (honey gifts | $9.99)
o    Small candies, chocolates or fruit (use tray of leftovers from chocolate lovers dream)
o    Whip cream

Set the stage.

1.    Print out a valentines invitation and give it to them in the morning.  Tell them what to where and when to be ready.
2.    Turn up the heat a little.  Nothing puts the damper on a romantic evening like a cold house.
3.    Run a nice warm bubble bath and stage with candles, champagne, music and a few rose petals in the tub.
4.    While your partner is in the tub, continue getting your massage and sensations station ready with all remaining supplies.  Light the soy candle first to give it time to turn into a sensual massage oil.
5.    Have your partner get out of the tub and dry them off with a fresh fluffy towel.
6.    Have your partner put on the new lingerie or boxer shorts.  You need to do the same so they feel comfortable.
7.    Seductively blindfold your partner and then lead them over to your massage and seduction station.  It is critical that you partner does not see or know in advance what you have planned.
8.    Light a few candles placed in safe containers to create the mood.
9.    Let your partner lie quietly in the designated area for a couple of minutes for effect.
10.    Then quietly reach over and pour the massage candle oil onto your partners skin and begin massage.
11.    Then gradually step it up a notch by adding in other sensory items to build anticipation.  Don’t touch the naughty bits until well into the massage.
12.    And enjoy an incredibly sexy ending to your evening.