Valentines Recipe #5: Good Vibrations (for him or her)

This particular recipe is a little more naughty and is incredibly reliant on setting the stage and letting the anticipation build.  Here’s how:

Make a date with your partner for an evening out.  Book at least one week in advance to ensure availability. Once the date/time are established, set the tone for the date.  Give her explicit instructions to wear her favourite skirt and nice top along with a pair of high heeled shoes or boots, stockings are optional (but not pantyhose) and if possible, NO PANTIES.  Tell her to be ready to leave by a set time that you designate.  This will leave her fantasizing all week about what tawdry escapades you may have planned.

On date night, continue to maintain an air of authority.  Arrive well dressed (as if it were your first date).  Hand her a small gift box or bag containing a pair of vibrating panties.  Once she opens the package, ask her firmly to put on the panties and then show her the remote which you then place in your pocket, or somewhere safely out of her reach.  

Once she is ready to go, tell her that you will be in charge of her pleasure all evening and of course be sure to tell her that she is only permitted to orgasm on your command.  Escort her to the car, open her door and ask her to step in.  Just before closing the door, turn the panties on to level one and have her squirm all the way to the restaurant.  Do not tell her where your date will be held, no matter how much she asks.  Order her meal and drinks throughout the evening.  And of course play with the setting on the vibrating panties throughout the evening.  For extra fun, turn it on high just as the server asks her how her meal is.

By the time you leave the restaurant, she will be begging you to put the pedal to the metal and get her home as fast as possible.  Of course, you remind her that you are in charge of her pleasure all evening and you drive home at the speed limit to ensure your safe arrival.

Once you get home, have her remove the vibrating panties and slip into something more revealing.  Remind her that she is only permitted to orgasm with your permission.  Light the candles in the bedroom while she is changing.

Once she’s changed into here sexy attire, put the fantasy mask on her and lay her on the bed, or place her in the love swing.  Turn on the new vibrator so she can hear it.  Run it along her body and tease her erogenous zones.  Don’t rush it.  Let the anticipation build again.  Finally, insert the vibrator inside of her and let it sit there while you remove your clothing.  Continue to remind her to wait for you if necessary.  By this point, she’ll be begging for you.  Now remove the vibrator and finish off the fantasy together with an explosive ending.

•    One pair or vibrating panties with wireless remote
•    Vibrating Massager

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