Piercing the Naughty Bits – the piercers perspective

This past Thursday, I was finally able to nail down a piercing artist to give me the naked truth on the sexy side of piercing.  Cory from Adrenalin Body Piercing and Tattoos spent almost 30 minutes with me while I grilled him with a barrage of questions on “to pierce or not to pierce the naughty bits”.   Here’s an account of what I learned:

Will it hurt?

If this is the most important question on your mind, then I have good news and bad news.  The good news is, according to Cory, everybody handles pain differently.  If you’re one of the lucky ones, you have a high tolerance for pain and it should be no worse than getting a flu shot at the doctors.  In fact, you may even enjoy the sensation as it produces an endorphin high for some.

The bad news is that if you’re like me and have a low tolerance for pain then you might find yourself singing accapella or screaming from the rooftops.  A good piercer will recognize those fears and will work with you to get you calm and relaxed before piercing.  Unfortunately, drinking beforehand, or taking pain medications such as aspirin is definitely not recommended due to the blood thinning effects.

Despite this, Cory assured me that none of his clients have regretted piercing their naughty bits.

Why pierce the naughty bits?

According to Cory, piercing is becoming more and more socially acceptable.  It’s no longer stereotypically linked to “leather clad bikers with bad boy stigmas”.  In fact, people from all walks of life are walking through the doors of piercing studios…It could be your friend, neighbour, the girl next door, or even the CEO of a major corporation.

Some simply enjoy the endorphin rush they get from the piercing.  Others pierce to please their lovers, or to show sensual submission.   Others for the arrousing sensations.  Some just love all the fancy jewelery while others like having the naughty little secret under their clothes, unbeknownst to anyone except themselves and their lover.

Does piercing heighten arousal?

According to Cory, piercing can definately have an erotic impact as it makes you more aware of your erogenous zones.  However, he cautions that over time, the erotic sensations will dissipate as your body becomes accustomed to the feelings.  Contrary to what some may think, this does not mean that your naughty bits become desensitized, it simply means that your body has adjusted to the feelings and has “normalized”.   To bring back the erotic sensations, Cory suggests changing up the piercing on a regular basis to produce new sensations .  For example, change a barbell to a ring, or add a dangly bit to add a new texture.  If you’re considering a clitoral hood piercing, the vertical piercing produces the most erotic effect as the jewelery tends to rest right against the clitorus.

How long will the piercing take to heal?

It all depends on the location and after care.  Nipples can take up to six months to heal while the clitoral hood may heal in under six weeks.  The Prince Albert can take anywhere from four weeks to six months.  No matter what, the after care is the best way to expedite the healing process.  Keep the area as clean as possible and avoid constant friction as this may irritate the area (so wearing looser clothing would be better whenever possible).

Can I still have sex while the piercing is healing?

Absolutely!  You may just need to be a little more careful and aware to avoid injury.  You may even consider changing up sexual positions to those that are less apt to aggravate and “grind” against the piercing.  In addition, if you are playing with a “less familiar” partner, using protection and practicing safe sex is a MUST as you will be more prone to STDs during the healing phase.  Use condoms for penetration and dental dams for oral sex to avoid contact of body fluids on an open “wound”.    In fact, it’s even prudent to avoid going in public hot tubs or pools.

What are the risks?

Piercing is a big decision and should not be taken lightly.  You could be prone to any of the following risks including:

  • Bacterial infection around the pierced area;
  • Excessive bleeding;
  • Alergic Reaction – Implant Grade Stainless steal is least likely to cause an allergic reaction,  however metals such as gold (AT LEAST 18 karat), titanium, or niobium are also acceptable alternatives;
  • nerve damage; and
  • Scarring

Your best way to mitigate the risks is to find a good piercer.  ALL instruments should come from sterile packages and a good piercer will have no problem opening packages right in front of you.  If the studio uses a piercing “gun” , leave immediately.  Piercing guns cannot be sterilized and should NOT be used for body piercing.


Even though I’m still a little bit nervous about the pain, I think I’m actually kind of excited about the notion of piercing the naughty bits.   So, I’ve decided to take the plunge and will be visiting Cory at Adrenalin piercing sometime in the near future to get my piercing…stay tuned!!!


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