Vajazzle – the latest trend in “body bling” for the naughty bits

What the heck is a “Vajazzle” you ask?  That’s the exact question that came out of my mouth just this morning when a friend sent me an email telling me I just had to look it up.

Vajazzle is the art of blinging out your vajayjay with bedazzling jewels.  It’s the latest trend hitting the celebrity waves…well actually, lack there of considering all the “waves” are removed first.     It’s a simple procedure that involves first waxing all hair from the pubic area, and then applying swarovsky crystals with a strong adhesive that’s invisible to the naked eye.  According to Jennifer Love Hewitt, she described this bizarre new trend saying “it looks like a disco ball down there”.

For the play by play, check out this great article by “The Luxury Spot” with Pictures included.

So now that I know what it is, this begs the question…will I Vajazzle?

Hell yeah!  Anything that makes a woman feel pretty, feminine and sexy is a good thing in my books.  It adds self confidence which helps turn up the heat in the bedroom and beyond.  And in my world, it makes for great conversation 🙂 .

At under $100 it’s the perfect gift to self or for friends on special occasions and makes for great bling on your next adult only/nudist vacation.  If you’re looking for a place in Vancouver to Vajazzle, check out Sugarbox.

Have fun and live life.  Vajazzling is definitely one for the bucket list.