Hot New Sex Toy/Furniture Update

Well, I promised to get some answers from the manufacturer regarding the price and thought I would share the response (below).  We were really impressed by the thoughtful feedback provided and have since decided to offer this product for sale on our Eden Intimates website.    Don’t forget, Eden members get 10% off retail every day so you’ll get $150 off this purchase.  Email us for details if you’re not sure how to redeem the discount.  You can find the Monkey Rocker Tango available for purchase here.  Enjoy!

Here’s the response from the manufacturer:

“Dear Eve:

Thanks for expressing your concern.

When I was developing the original Monkey Rocker idea, it was clear that if the basic idea worked well, there
would probably be at least a couple of useful and desirable variations on the idea that could be added to the
line at some point. After offering the original design for 3 plus years, with excellent feedback, we thought the time
was finally right to create a variation or two to help fill out the product line and strengthen the Monkey Rocker brand.

The small batch nature of our current production, with fabrication and assembly of each machine being very time
consuming, means that at wholesale prices, there is not much left in the way of profit until we build demand to the
point we can shift to a more mass-produced method.

We conceived the Tango as a way to offer more possible erotic play options, especially to couples of all types, and
anchor the luxury end of the product line, with an emphasis on versatility and possible profitability even with limited
quantity production. We envisioned the Tango as a much more exclusive, desirable (to certain couples), product
that would command a premium price due to it’s added value and exclusivity.

The Tango is more expensive to manufacture, of course. Perhaps more so than might be apparent at first glance.
The most expensive and time consuming parts of the “Classic” Monkey Rocker are the handle and thrust arm assembly
and the cushions. You’ll notice that the Tango uses twice as many handle and thrust arm assemblies, so that particular
large portion of the cost is double for the Tango.

The Tango cushions are considerably larger, using the same expensive, cross-linked foam and premium vinyl for the
upholstery, but requiring quite a bit more of it. Fabricating and upholstering them (entirely by hand) is not quite twice
as time consuming, but nearly so.

I’ve explained all that to help you understand why we’ve put the prices where they are.

For many people, even the “Classic” Monkey Rocker is considered “expensive”, and the Tango even more so, especially if people think of them as mere sex toys. Certainly, neither qualifies as an impulse purchase, but compared to many products that people willingly pay at least as much for, they are not over-priced. For example, in the sex machine category,which they sort of fit in – though both are very different from others in the category, as you know – their retail prices come out somewhere in the middle.  Even at $1500, the Tango is not particularly expensive by sex machine standards.

Compared to some other life luxuries, both of our machines are a standout value. For example, jewelry, which actually ‘does’ nothing, is FAR more expensive, yet many couples (I’m guessing especially among your clients) wouldn’t consider spending $1500 for a mere ring very extravagant. The potential pleasure our indulgences offer is far more dramatic at a fraction of the cost.

Yes it’s true that consumers can get amazing deals on a hugh variety of furniture and other goods that are less expensive and more complicated than our machines. But what those products all have in common are HUGE volume production. Our machines are crafted in batches of 30 at a time (Classic) and 10 at a time (Tango) which just does not offer the sort of manufacturing economy of scale that would enable such low prices.

Sorry if I’ve gone on too long, just thought you and your clients deserved a thoughtful explanation. I hope I’ve answered your questions. Please let me know if not. Feel free to voice any questions, concerns or comments anytime.


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