Taboo?…not really!

This January, I had the pleasure of attending and exhibiting at the eighth annual “Taboo Naughty but Nice Sex Show” hosted in Vancouver by Canwest Shows.   For many of the exhibitors, the show was touted as a huge success.  According to the show organizers, this year’s show was the biggest ever and boasted attendance by over 45,000 Vancouverites.
This was my fourth year exhibiting at Taboo, and although my own booth was pandemonium, I did manage to squeeze in a bit of time on Sunday to do some investigative work.  My goal…to boldly go where no woman has gone before.  To find a shiny new treasure for my tickle trunk.  To secure something that would really make me go ohhhhhh.
And so, I began combing the aisles booth by booth filled with vibrators, glass toys, lingerie, sexy shoes…seen it all before.  Tattoos, piercings, lifestyle resorts, dungeon, sex furniture and restraints…been there, done that.  Hot tubs, towels, make-up, microdermabrasion…why are they at the sex show anyway?  And finally ended my search with an exhibit where I could superimpose a picture of my head in over top of dancing cowboys….sigh.
And so I ended my search without finding a single “ooooooh” in the show.  But if not for the “shock factor”, why then did 45,000 Vancouverites go to the naughtiest show in Canada?
For the next hour, I made use of my “media” power and interviewed unsuspecting attendees to find out what was so “Taboo” at Taboo.  I was hopeful at first.  I expected to get some fun and shocked reactions to some of my more explicit questions, but alas there was nothing that really stood out.  In fact, the thing that wowwed me the most at the naughtiest show in Canada was how thoroughly “unwowwable” we (the general population) are when it comes to sex.   (just writing that sends shivers down my spine)
Thanks to the media, the internet and of course the sexual revolution, even the general population is tough to wow when it comes to sex.  So why then do 45000 people still walk through the doors Canada’s naughtiest trade show?
It’s about the EXPERIENCE.   For only $20 you get hours of entertainment that includes burlesque dancing, pole dancing, beer garden, dungeon play, free seminars by some great educators (including yours truly…couldn’t resist the plug), a plethora of sexy eye candy, some great deals, and of course a massive one stop shopping opportunity to refill your tickle trunk with all the things you wore out over the last year and all the things that you’ve been fantasizing about trying this year.
So next year, don’t miss out on the Taboo Naughty but Nice Sex show.  It may not be shocking, but it is definitely a fun and economical way to spend the day with your lover, or your friends.
For more details on next year’s show coming November, 2009, visit the Canwest Shows website.