To Pierce or not to Pierce

To pierce or not to pierce…that is the question.  Every so often, I hit a bit of a milestone in my sensual journey.  I’ve been exposed to many things, but surprisingly, the concept of piercing my naughty bits has never actually crossed my mind…until now.

As of late, I’ve found myself noticing our lovely members showcasing very sexy body piercings…dangly, sparkly, basic barbells, colors, glow in the dark, charms, attachments and more.  They just seem so fun and pretty, and with all the options available, they’re the ultimate form of bling.  Plus, you can even wear them to the office hidden discreetly under your corporate suit serving as a titillating reminder of the naughty side of life. 

But as sexy as they seem, I have so many questions and concerns before taking the plunge.  So, I thought I would engage in a bit of good old fashioned reporting to get answers to some of my most “piercing” questions…

If you’ve pierced your naughty bits in the past, your feedback on the experience would be monumental.  And if you haven’t…why not?  And what do you think of piercing on your partner???

Enquiring minds (including mine) want to know…share your voice.  You never know, you may even start a new trend.

Here are a few questions I have to get the discussion started:

  • Will it hurt?
  • How long does it take to heal?
  • What do you think of piercings on your partner’s naughty bits, “Hot”, “Not, or “do they just get in the way”?
  • Does a pierced {blankety blank} actually make sex more fun or intensify the sensation?
  • Nipples, clit, tongue?  So many options…What are the pros and cons of each?
  • And while we’re at it,this discussion isn’t just one sided… it can’t hurt to get some feedback on male piercings too (you never know…maybe we can convince Adam to get one :-p ).

Next week, I’ll be sharing feedback from some of the industry professionals…and then, depending on my research…maybe I’ll even go “under the gun” and will take you all along for the virtual ride.

Thanks for joining me on this journey of discovery on “to pierce or not to pierce”.


Please share your feedback by replying to this blog.


  • Um. That’s a lot of questions at once! Here’s my post on “Which piercings make sex better” — and it’s probably not what you think.

    A couple of other short answers–

    Does it hurt? Yes. Yes, it hurts, but if you find a really good piercer, who is experienced and deft, it hurts for only a little pinch. And . . . pain is part of the point.

    Healing times vary depending on body part.

    Pros and cons of each? Way too much to go into, and it varies–people don’t always react the same or have the same motivations.

    Good luck with your research.

  • i dont exactly agree with the last post.

    i have my navel and both nipples pierced and honestly the navel was as she said just a pinch and was tender for a couple of days. it took about a month and a half to heal.

    the nipples i had done at different times by different piercers, and they both hurt like heck and not only a pinch either first there is the needle that goes through and it really really hurts, then when you think its all over and you can breath it happens again as they pull the needle back out and the barbell in. With the first piercing i had to go topless for two days and braless for about 2 weeks. with the second i only went braless for about a week. to completely heal they took about 3 months.
    my sister had her one nipple done at the same time and her body rejected the metal which was the grossest thing i have ever seen. the metal worked its way out of her body by surfacing through the nipple (her nipple was cut in half as the barbell expelled itself)

    the only con i can think of with the navel is sometimes it gets caught on things.

    with the nipples i have been told that they sometimes get in the way and make it less fun to play with. they also get caught on things. the puffy shower / body wash things…..OUCH.