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My Hedonistic Jamaican vacation – what you don’t read about in the papers.

Ahhhhh….home sweet home!

After 10 days of non-stop partying in the sun with nekked, naughty friends, my poor body is in serious need of a DETOX…now that’s a sure sign of another successful “adult only” vacation…



I just returned from my second annual “adult only vacation” –  this year’s destination…Hedo II in Negril, Jamaica.  Thanks to great organizers and great friends, I had an amazing time complete with some highlights, some lowlights, some nightlights and of course some hidden gems.

The highlights:
Overall, the group that I booked with, “Hedo Kama Sutra Group”, did a great job organizing.  I was greeted warmly on arrival and was able to check in efficiently.  The theme nights were well run and it was nice to be part of a larger group with a Canadian flare.  (Thanks Sarge and Dee for putting together such a great package.)  If you’re going to experience Hedo II, I definitely recommend going with a group.  Just be sure to do as much research as possible to determine if the group is going to be a good fit for you.

We went with a great group of friends from the club.  We all seemed to play well together.  Sometimes we’d party together, sometimes apart, but more often than not, we reconnected at dinner and at the nightclub.  We strengthened ties with existing friends, and even made some new ones.

The piano bar!  Ok, don’t laugh, but one of my favorite memories of the vacation was the piano bar with Karaoke.  Yep, not only did I say the dreaded “K” word, but I even sang it.  Who knew that such a cheesy concept could be such a great party starter.  Once we found this hidden gem, we were hooked.  After dinner, many of us would head to the piano bar (pre-nightclub) to belt out Hedonistic renditions of songs like “Sweet Caroline…suck my ****” and “YMCA”.  I will never be able to erase the image of three of my friends lying on their backs, buck naked on top of the piano using their legs to sign out the letters of the song.  Bahahaha…funniest thing ever!

By day four, I was starting to get a mild case of cabin fever, so a friend and I decided we’d get in a bit of exercise and site seeing on the water.  We hijacked one of the complimentary resort tandem kyacks and ventured out into the ocean.  After about 20 minutes of paddling, we happened upon one of the hidden gems of Negril – unofficially dubbed “Lobster Island”.  Lobster Island is a very small (probably no more than 2 acres) island inhabited mostly by cats, and Kevin a budding entrepreneur.  For $15-$20 USD, Kevin will cook you up a feast of fresh fish, lobster sautéed in onions and garlic butter, and garlic toast.  You pick your own live lobster which Kevin then prepares and barbecues to perfection right in front of you on his makeshift grill.  Guaranteed, it will be the best lobster you’ll ever have.

Nude Booze Cruze – You haven’t experienced a Booze Cruise until you’ve done it nekked.  On Thursday morning, I headed down to the docks and hopped on a boat to experience my first nude booze cruze.  The sun was shining, the Jamaican tunes were jammin’, and the water was the perfect temperature.  Our Captain was very hospitable, and he managed to stop at just the right spots so we could snorkel, swim and even water slide in our birthday suits.   It was so liberating and freeing to be on the ocean “au naturelle”.

Stay tuned for:
The lowlights
The nightlife
A review of the resort
coming soon…

The Exotic Erotic Ball adds a Whole Lotta Spice

If you’re looking to add a little sugar and a LOT of spice this Halloween, look no further than Perry Mann’s 30th annual Exotic Erotic Ball taking place at Cow Place in San Francisco October 23-24. 2009.

“It’s part Mardi Gras, part burlesque, and part rock concert, yet totally unique. The Exotic Erotic Ball is a celebration of human sexuality and freedom of expression. It’s a lingerie, fetish, masquerade affair.”

This weekend long extravaganza will feature some of North America’s most unique, alternative entertainers from go go dancers and burlesque acts to snake charmers, “shaving shows”, nympho twins and penis painters.

And for those looking to be the show rather than watch the show, be sure to RSVP for the Exotic Erotic Ball Official After Party where you might just be lucky enough to hob knob with some of the world’s most exotic models, porn stars, musicians, DJs and celebrities.

Tickets are a steal at only $59 for general admission and $125 for VIP tickets.  And if you book your flights through Allegiant Air, you might just be able to pull off this entire exotic weekend getaway for under $1000.00/couple.  Not a bad price for a little sugar and a LOT of spice…not to mention one hell of a sexy weekend adventure for two.

For more information and tickets, visit: www.exoticeroticball.com.